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Sharon Wilson
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 "The Magic of Owning A Mal "



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When my husband and I were searching for Alaskan Malamute breeders back in September 2008, we stumbled upon Poldara
Kennels. We were delighted to speak to someone whom willingly cased us, eg were we the right family, was our yard size adequate, and was our routine/lifestyle suitable for such a breed? When we checked all the boxes, we felt ever so privileged to purchase our dog – of whom has added such quality and love to our ever imagine life without him would seem impossible now and that was all due to Sharon Wilson, breeder at Poldara Kennels.

Sharon had helped us through the transitional phase by educating us with the responsibilities and care of owning such a huge dog. Since purchasing him, Sharon had become an extension of our family as she is still so much a part of our dogs' life. He still remembers her immensely and offers affection immediately upon her arrival. That in a sense, through my observation and perception, is an indication of her influence in his first year of life.

Sharon has quite often informed me of her early outings out dog shows on a cold Winters' morning. To even contemplate getting up that early seems an arduous task, yet Sharon does it for the breed that  she loves so much. Her breeding program, I believe, is quite intense and me personally seems a huge responsibility.

We recently bought another dog, however this female was more dominant. Her alpha-qualities clashed with our male and became messy. Sharon intervened, once all aspects had been exhausted from our end, and she took the female to re-home. Moments like these which you least anticipate, Sharon was right there offering support and intervening when necessary.

Poldara Kennels and Sharon-the dedication is not just in the breeding program or showing these remarkable dogs. It is the on-going support offered to the families whom have bought her dogs. Her hard  work and support is a reflection of her ethics in itself, and I  would highly recommend her to anyone up to the responsibility of owning such a breed.